Written By Jim, Distilled by Jack

Distilled at a renowned Glasgow distillery by two of Scotland’s most acclaimed distillers - King’s Inch has lain dormant extracting maximum flavour from our hand selected Bourbon and Oloroso casks before making its way in the world. A reflection of Glasgow’s spirit of innovation, cutting edge distillation methods have been used to produce an exceptionally characterful and smooth lowland single malt.
King’s Inch was developed, to our specification, by renowned master distiller Jim Swan. One of his final commissions, the mantle of distillation of our precious spirit was passed to experimental distiller Jack Mayo. Crafted at and matured at a Glasgow distillery, it has been painstakingly designed for the best possible flavour extraction from the cask.

Non Chill Filtered

70% grist, 20% husk, 10% flour

Yeast Type
Anchor DY502

Boiling ball, descending lyne arm stills.

Mash Tun:
Cut Point:
Narrow - 69%

first fill Bourbon - Kentucky
first fill Oloroso sherry butts - Jerez

Water source:
Loch Katrine

Tasting Notes

Expertly blended and bottled, it is a lowland single malt with fruity, spiced characteristics and a long finish. With elegant notes of vanilla, biscuit and hints of elegant sweetness.